Sit Venetus or Let There be Blue


The aim of this project was to build a site specific installation which would investigate how Light Art can be used to manipulate how we interact with the world at both a physical and metaphysical level. We each create our own version of the environment through data from our senses and the way in which the brain interprets (or misinterprets) this sensory information. This is especially true in regard to the visual faculty. As one of our primary senses, the brain must combine and filter the visionary information it receives in order to create a complete representation of a person’s surroundings. It achieves this through a number of assumptions and simplifications so it can derive the most significant details from among less salient information.


The installation entitled “Sit Venetus or Let There be Blue” was built to take the viewer on a journey representing the human life cycle in light and colour. With each change in hue, the viewer would perceive a simultaneous adjustment of the environment’s colouring. They will be confronted by light and forced to question the reliability of the data their senses receive and the part they play in creating the world they live in.

“Sit Venetus or Let There be Blue” went on public exhibition on the 25th and 26th of March 2015  at the Computer Science and Information Systems building in the University of Limerick, Ireland.